Lularoe Cassi DeMew

I am from the Western 'burbs of Chicago and am mommy to two beautiful girls; one who lives in Italy for most of the year (and is the reason I decided to go into the fashion business for myself!) and the other who is the apple of daddy's eye. I am married to a wonderful man who merely asked me to dance and the rest is history. We are obsessed with historical events, love a good ghost story and try to Lindy Hop whenever we get the watch out next time you are in a Target! After 9/11 happened, I figured out that life was too short so I headed out to live in Rome, Italy. That is where I learned the most about fashion. While my stateside buddies were worrying about making their clothes match exactly, I was in Italy learning how normal it is to make bold statements using unusual (unusual to suburbanites of Chicago!) color and print pairings. I mastered the art of using patterned tights to pull an outfit together and that the shoe makes the ensemble. Every. Single. Time. I also learned other lessons outside of fashion, but that's for another time and place. ;) I believe that you have something unique to share with the world. A killer outfit has the power to change your life by instilling self-confidence, which breeds the fearlessness necessary to pursue your wildest dreams. ❤️ My hope and sincere desire is to be a part of changing your life, one outfit at a time. 😘