Lularoe Ashley DeVore

First I want to thank you and welcome you to my VIP page! I am so excited to share with you my love for LuLaRoe! *SHOPPING RULES** First Person to comment "DIBS" on an item, (LIVE OR ALBUM), gets the item first. I check Facebook time stamps for album sales. For live sales, I go with the FIRST person to post dibs and the number on MY END. The live comment feed will look different to each person, so please be respectful and contact me if you have any questions. For least amount of delay on live sales, please use a computer with Internet Explorer. Fret not, there are many times there are duplicates! So, comment DIBS NEXT if you are in love and hoping I have a duplicate OR if the person doesn't pay their invoice within 24 hours, I will send the invoice to next in line. If you decide to PASS on an item, PLEASE COMMENT PASS. DO NOT DELETE YOUR DIBS COMMENT. This can get confusing! But please have the courtesy to give another person the chance at claiming the item by writing PASS. Feel free to ASK questions on items and tag me in them so I'm sure not to miss them. If you LOVE the item but have a question, you can comment DIBS, pending question. If you like my answer, it's yours. If you don't you then comment PASS. I am here to HELP you! I know this is a new and different way of shopping and many of you are new to LuLaRoe so please ask any and all questions! I also LOVE putting outfits together so am happy to help if you are looking for some style suggestions! Please pay within 24 hours, otherwise your items will be sold to the next in line. I email reminders, but I cannot and will not track you down for an unpaid invoice. 24 hours to pay, no exceptions unless the buyer contacts me with a reason or extension. I will try and get invoices out ASAP but as we all know, life can sometimes get in the way of things. Please be patient but feel free to reach out to me if you don't have one! I will be using the NEW BLESS SYSTEM so tax will be charged in the state that you live in! Shipping: 1 item: $2 2 or more: $5 Spend over $100 with me and shipping is FREE! OR You can pick up from my house in Ypsilanti, MI Exchange Policy: All exchanges (INCLUDING DAMAGES) must be within 30 days per the new LuLaRoe Happiness Policy, with notification of email prior to return. Since LuLaRoe only makes a certain amount of prints in each style, you may be required to choose a different print. All clothes MUST be UNWORN with TAGS STILL ATTACHED. Buyer will cover all shipping costs. If you purchase something from my group and I find out you are flipping that item elsewhere and profiting, you will be removed from the group immediately. HAVE A GREAT TIME SHOPPING AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY SMALL BUSINESS! <3 Ashley