LuLaroe Alishia Willardson Besties Boutique

Hey there, I am Power Coach Alishia I’m the TOP Direct Sales Coach in the industry, CEO/Founder of Rockstar Direct Sales, mom of two crazy boys (11 & 8) and married to my Junior High Sweetheart, Daniel. We are Originally from Utah and just moved back... This past summer I went to visit my brother and his family in Texas and my sister in law asks “Have you ever heard of LuLaRoe?” and I was like “Yeah, but I don’t own any of it and haven’t ever seen any of it in person before” So she went up to her room and brought it all down for me to check out… Instantly I was in LOVE! So she setup a time for me to go over to her friends house and check out the inventory… Before I knew it, I was chatting with Daniel my hubby about it and we are in like flynn… Since that day, I have purchased a shit-ton of LuLaRoe, found a confidence being in my skin and loving my body and neither of those I have never had my entire life! You never know when your Angels and the Universe has a different plan for YOU! I am SOOOOOOO unbelievably comfortable all day, every day & love my body… So much so, that I don’t even change my clothes into comfy’s, THESE ARE MY COMFY’S – LOVE IT!