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Hi There Y’all! We could not be more excited to welcome you! You’re gonna love it here! We’re a mother (Pam)/daughter (Tiffany) LuLaRoe Duo from Marietta, Georgia. We love fussing over people & lovingly bickering at each other while being as comfortable as possible. Tiffany won a free pair of LLR leggings in October of 2016 & immediately FELL. IN. LOVE. So naturally she began telling everyone she knew that they had to try them, which meant Pam followed her right now the rabbit hole. Welcome to our clothing cult. It’s really comfortable and casual here. Giveaways: Frequently Random! We LOVE giving you free things in as a THANK YOU for your support. SHIPPING!! $4 shipping on one item, $6 shipping on two or more items and free shipping with any order over $100. ALWAYS Free Shipping on Shop The Box! RETURN POLICY!! We are THRILLED to honor the new LLR Happiness Policy and the Return Policy.