Luke + Savannah Photography

A little bit about us? Lucas and I are a couple of kids in love, who want to shoot other people in love. We're romantics, down to the rose-stained glasses. Our minds work in different ways, that compliment each-other to the T. You'll often find me joking and making fun of myself as we shoot you beautiful people, while Luke keeps the funnier remarks to himself. He's quiet that way. I invade his personal space all the time, and he affectionately reminds me that we are in public, and I shouldn't be asking him for a piggy back right now, sorta thing. We are an engaged couple ourselves, so we feel pretty much everything you're feeling right about now. We know the anticipation to become one, we know what it feels like to enjoy this stage of dating, yet be so excited to actually be married. But most importantly, we know what it feels like to be in love. To be excited to create a life with the one you care about most. And that's exactly the feeling we'll capture between the two of you. If you don't mind getting your hands a 'lil dirty, or your hair a 'lil messy, than we'll be a perfect match. Luke and I have these spontaneous visions that go a little something like: "OH MY GOD I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING, WE HAVE TO MOVE THEM HERE". Those are the kinda shots that are to die for. So if you want amazing pictures on your wedding day, and value photography enough to get them? Then step into my office, we'll be glad to meet you.