DIY Skincare Bee Delicious

Why Choose Love SkinFood? We’re so glad you’re here! Love SkinFood believes that loving yourself inside and out is key to living a wholesome life. Through quality, pure, organic products, we provide you everything you need for beautiful, healthy skin. Ready to glow? (Of course you are!) We never use any bad stuff in our products! That means no Parabens, Alcohol, Silicons, or fragrences, and no petrolems . Plus, we NEVER test our products on animals, because we love our furry friends just as much as we love you! You only get one body, so why not treat it right? You deserve it, and your skin does, too! Let’s get started. Our Story Is All About Love Love SkinFood was born out of a desire to create truly natural products that are not only great for our skin, but really work & make us feel great, too! Self-love is an important step on the path to becoming your best self and becoming truly happy. Fortunately, treating your body right by eating clean foods, exercising, and using all-natural and organic products in your daily routine are all huge pieces of this puzzle. Keeping It Clean And Natural Recent studies reveal that the average American woman smothers her precious skin with over 500 different chemicals each morning before walking out the door. (Seriously, 500+!) Love SkinFood is here to end that! Leila spent years researching the negative effects these chemicals have on our bodies, moods, and lives. She became inspired, and decided to change the way we view skincare and beauty products.