Lone Star Football Expo

Lone Star Football Expo! Coming July 2018! We are excited to shed some light on our Texas talent!!! One of Texas' biggest football showcases in the state! Top athletes from all over Texas come together to demonstrate their skills and abilities! All of Texas high school football talent in one place! Athletes will be divided into position-specific areas to compete in events like: -Quarterback Challenge -Wide Receiver Challenge -RB Challenge -Defensive Back Challenge -O Line/D Line Big Man Challenge A scouting team will seek to uncover new talent throughout the state. Our team of Coaches, Former Pro and Collegiate Athletes, Sports Writers, and Scouts will be present to evaluate and rank the TOP performing athletes! Athletes ages 14-8 join us for the Jr Pro Camp. Gain skills and knowledge from the games best coaches! Strength your skills and football IQ while showcasing your talent! The Lone Star 7 vs 7 flag football tournament is one of the biggest stages for teams to shine! Teams come together to prove who's the best in the Lone Star State! 16 teams; Single Elimination!!!! Test your teams' football IQ and skills in the situationally based " 2 Min Warning " competition. Special guests will be in attendance! The Speaker's Pass is a MUST!!! Young athletes will gain knowledge and experience from former pro and collegiate athletes!