Living Scriptures - LDS

Living Scriptures (LSI) is a small, privately owned Utah company situated at the base of the lovely Wasatch front of the Rocky Mountains, across from Ogden's Weber State University. Founded in 1974 by Jared F. Brown and Seldon O. Young, we originally sold audio cassette dramatizations called “The Family Hour.” In 1976, Brown and Young developed the telemarketing pioneer NICE Corporation which became the largest telemarketing company in the USA. In 1988, NICE Corporation was sold to Cincinnati Bell. It is known today as Convergys. This sale funded our earliest development of the Animated Book of Mormon videos. Later, more LDS-oriented entertainment media were developed, which include the award-winning Docudrama of the Restoration and Modern Prophets documentary-style productions, as well as audio CDs, music, and books. We employ about 40 full-time and part-time individuals between our various Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing/Creative teams. We also have regular sales programs for independent individuals. One is our Summer Sales program, where university-aged individuals work in various cities in the United States during their summer break. The other is our Full-time Sales program, where independent men and women make sales at kiosks, community events, fairs and pageants. Much of what we market is focused on serving members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon church). We also sell the award-winning, multi-denominational Nest Entertainment products such as the Animated New Testament, Animated Bible and Animated Hero Classics DVDs. We hire honest persons of any affiliation who can help us fulfill our mission to Teach Values and Change Lives. AFFILIATES == == In April 2005 we started as a way to deliver Interactive Resources for Growing Testimonies. We create free FHE lessons, family activities, recipes and more to enhance the usefulness and impact of the Living Scriptures media library. == Latter-day Harvest ( == In September 1999 we started Latter-day Harvest, a full-service provider of discounted LDS products like books, scriptures, music, videos, jewelry and more. Latter-day Harvest operates two retail stores in LDS travel destinations Nauvoo, IL and Palmyra, NY. Shopping can also be done online at Plus, customers who buy Living Scriptures DVDs can save 25% or more on everything* ordered through Latter-day Harvest. (*Discount does not apply to scriptures and select software titles.)