Living Lean

'Living Lean' - The Weight Loss Revolution is Australia's most respected health and wellness program. Living Lean is the WORLD'S fastest way to NATURALLY lose weight. By focusing on the acid/alkaline balance the program provides the foundation for anyone looking to lead a healthier happier life with optimal weight control. Significant weight loss and health benefits are experienced and sustained with Living Lean by educating, cleansing and monitoring acid/alkaline levels in the body. The program was devised by Ben Sammut, Australia's leading health and fitness consultant after witnessing a dramatic rise in obesity and other related illnesses. The program is suitable for people of all ages and has been known to significantly improve energy, increase muscle mass, aid in the regulation of hormones and help fight many common diseases. Simple yet effective techniques quickly improve the health of the body by focusing on the health of the blood cells. Excess stubbon weight is soon lost once our body's chemical pH levels are blanaced. . Having launched in 2010 the program has helped countless people exceed their weight loss goals and ensure people look and feel their very best.