Sarah Rae

Hello everyone! :) Thank you for visiting my page! I have created this page to inspire others to live the life we all long for. I want to show you that all the dreams that you have can and will happen if you allow yourself to literally just take action. I want to show you what it can be like to truly live life to the fullest and have the f r e e d o m YOU deserve. What does freedom mean to you? "My WHY." Living.with.intention.not permission. I've always known there was more in this life I was meant to do, rather than just doing the everyday "norm" that we are brought up to do. I have decided that I am going to live on my own terms, go adventures when I choose, be my own boss, spend more time with family and grow everyday through self-development, love and action. I am looking for my dreamers, doers, believers and thinkers:) Times are changing. You can either sit, wish, hope and see no results. OR you can take action and live the life YOU are meant to l i v e. <3