Little Silver Star

Little Silver Star is the creation of Kate George who lovingly hand makes each piece of jewellery in her little workshop at her workshop in Bristol. Kate specialises in hand stamped and personalised (or not) jewellery which features the names of loved ones, special dates, quotes, song lyrics or just a quirky little design stamp. Kate draws inspiration from many things such as; nature (birds, flowers, trees, sky, sun, moon, stars), powerful words (love, hope, peace, dream, believe) and probably her biggest inspiration is family and the relationships between loved ones. As well as her ready made jewellery Kate also offers a bespoke service which can accommodate any budget so get in touch today and let her create you something beautiful! Because of the nature of hand stamping it is impossible to get each letter perfectly straight....but we think this adds to the uniqueness of each piece and ensures that the jewellery you receive is one of a kind.