The Lioness Mum Project

Strawberry Vibes are the trusted fitness studio to people across Mid-Sussex, specialising in body transformations, fitness sessions and nutritional advice. They show people how achievable fat loss can be and provide the tools to ensure the fat stays off, using Power Plates, Laser Lipo and a scientifically supported nutrition plan. Strawberry Vibes gives you access to the most effective strategies in the world to achieve your fat loss goals and beyond. They are a leading fitness company, keeping up to date with the latest technological changes in the fitness industry so they can track your progress and make your fitness journey personal to you. What gives Strawberry Vibes their unique edge, is their ability to combine effective fitness training, nutritional advice and state of the art body index measurements – with powerful developments in Advanced Thinking – to show any one how to sharpen their mind and strengthen their bodies. Every week, hundreds of people across Mid-Sussex receive Strawberry Vibes online support and advice. Over a decade, Ross Thornton has shown thousands of people how to recover from injuries, transform their bodies, free up their time, and dramatically change people's thinking about food choices and exercise habits. In the 5th year of business now, up to 2000 people have attended Strawberry Vibes' high intensity Power Plate sessions where Ross and other top Personal Trainers help people finally achieve their fitness and weight loss goals successfully. Their concept is different to the norm. Why pay high fee's for a room full of weights with no professional support; at Strawberry Vibes you have a Personal Trainer with you every session, and it is for this reason, we guarantee results within 30 days, or we refund all your money back. If you are looking for personal training in Mid-Sussex, then this is the place for you. The studio space is suited to personal sessions compared to your standard gyms. and with a maximum of 4 people at a time, your workouts will be tailored to your personal fitness goals. Impatient? Strawberry Vibes offer Laser Lipo packages showing instant inch loss results within 20 minutes. Combining the laser lipo with a nutrition and exercise plan can show up to 24 inches of fat lost within 30 days. Time, is no longer an excuse to avoid exercise, with our 25 minute exercise sessions 3 times a week, amounting to less than 1% of your week. Based on Station Road, Burgess Hill. For prices and more information; please visit or contact 01444 232993. Still not convinced? book in for your free VIP session. We're confident that once you meet us, you will be itching to get started.