Migs Flores

Breaking through Barriers at 22. Migs Flores believes that age is nothing but a number if we're going to be talking about pursuing your purpose! Migs Flores is an professional life coach, an entrepreneur, and a trainer who decided to pursue his purpose at the age of 21! What made Migs Flores effective for many at such a young age is his ability to not just motivate people in living out their dreams, but guide them through the process. He develops a specified coaching model/process that enables people to reach for their goals, The AAA model. Through The AAA model, people knew if their goals are attainable, realistic, and actionable. Individuals, managers, and business owners across different industries have benefitted from the coaching and training Migs Flores provided. He is committed to be helping you live a life of Freedom through Life Coaching, Wealth Coaching, and Personality Development. If you want to know more, e-mail him at coachmigsflores@gmail.com "Honor God. Communicate."