Legends and Losers Podcast

Legends and Losers (TM) is the show for people who want to create, design and dominate --– in their lives, their business and in the world. ​ Legend and loser are two sides of the same coin. We talk about both - with legendary people. ​ On Legends and Losers (TM) we dig into discussions with and about innovators, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, do-gooders, also rans, and never-wases a like --- all while talking startups, innovation, marketing category design, and how the T-Rex morphed into a legendary pet. Hosted by Christopher Lochhead and Colin Vincent Legends and Losers (tm) is a mental libation for pirates, dreamers and innovators. And it's an hour(ish) of your life you can never get back and you'll only regret, sometimes.