Learning Roots

"They wont be HIGH achievers, until they're true believers". Learning Roots was established in June 2004 with a vision of becoming the leading and most beneficial publisher of Islamic educational resources for children. We envision our works to enliven and enrich the Islamic educational experiences of Muslim children throughout the globe and to present Islam to them in the best possible manner. Our focus is on the design and production of creative, unique and professional Islamic educational resources. Our ultimate aim is to make Muslim children love their faith, love learning about it and love practicing its teachings. Hence we hope they will become beacons of light for the future generations of Muslims. Learning Roots recognises Islam as a holistic, complete and perfect way of life. It therefore recognises that an Islamic education should be holistic in nature; one that nurtures the values and teachings of Islam in every aspect of the child's life. It is our endeavour to produce resources that will assist you in nurturing in the child, an Islamic outlook on life, both in faith and action.