OUR MISSION Help 1,000 Aspiring Entrepreneurs We want to help at least 1,000 employees start their own business and become Certified Leapreneurs! We know that transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is a BIG STEP. So we want to guide you along the way with our FREE Leapreneur Insights where you can listen to the stories and tips of successful entrepreneurs. We are building the Leapreneur Community to support one another towards transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. OUR METHODOLOGY Share Helpful Insights Weekly We know that you need constant motivation and follow-through to move forward. We recognize that after attending a training or seminar, your spirit is up but as weeks passed, the excitement dwindles as you are caught up in your daily routine. That’s why we are here to keep you focused and motivated on starting your dream business. So each week, you can listen to The Leapreneur Insights where we will interview successful entrepreneurs about their inspiring stories and the lessons they learned. Best of all, rather than summarizing the interview and posting it as a long boring article, you can listen to the mp3 or audio recording of the interview from your laptop or mobile phone. Because of this, you’ll hear the passion, the excitement, and the laughter straight from the voice of the entrepreneurs, unedited! OUR PROMISE Learn from Real & Experienced Entrepreneurs We know there is a huge difference between theories and actual business experience that’s why we are not taking it lightly. We are constantly searching the whole country to get exclusive insights and lessons from real and experienced entrepreneurs who have scars from the battle ground, so you can learn from them.