League Ready Australia

Are you a rugby league player who dreams of a career playing professional Rugby League? Are you lost when it comes to knowing what to do next? There is no denying that the gap from playing footy for fun to playing at NRL levels is a big one. How do you know if your good enough? How do you compare against others your age? How do the professionals train on and off season? Do you know what it takes, and I mean REALLY takes to be a professional league player? If you do have what it takes, what then? How does one even get scouted by a player manager? Worry no more .... League Ready is here to bridge the gap, sift through the noise and bring you only what you really need to know. We have put together a team of professionals in their field that will coach you through everything from training, nutrition, the importance of mindset and goal setting along with informative interviews and articles from special guests and inside tips from a real life player manager.