Imagine a rock, formed from molten lava, once heated so much it was liquid. The only stone known to have its physical origins from fire. Now imagine wearing it. LavHa rock jewelry embodies strength, opportunity for stability and grounding. Protective and getting rid of negativity, Lava rocks draw in courage and confidence. Now simply inhale, and prepare for the first of its kind: Healing jewelry using lava as a diffuser with essential oils. Jessica and Nancy were the first, through much experimentation, to discover that lava is a powerful diffusing stone for oils. Their journey started in July 2013 after becoming neighbors and fast friends and combining their knowledge of stones and oils and LavHā was born. "Lava" represents the power of the fire within us all and "Hā" means The Breath of Life, in Hawaiian. We use porous lava beads in our bracelets and when you put one drop of oil on each lava bead, it maintains the aroma for 2-3 days. Anyone can transcend into that uplifting or calming state of mind with one of a kind LavHa essential oil jewelry. It’s the new way to wear vibrant colors, healing stones and breathe in wellness.