Krystal's Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to our page! We would love to give you a straight up story of why we have decided to put ourselves out there and have chosen to live a lifestyle from our laptops and phones. We met in 2013 and we both had a very ‘normal’ life, Robbie was a diesel fitter and I worked in administration; we worked a 9-5 job, we were saving for a house (even though it feels impossible), we thought that in order to be happy we had to go to work for our whole life to pay off debt forever and then at the end if we were lucky we could pass on a home to our children and not a mortgage or debt that we couldn’t pay off during our life. Isn’t that the dream? Get a job, go to uni, buy a house, get married, have children and then work for someone else until we are 65? Or somewhat in that order? We had a lot of complications having our daughter Lily, after 8 miscarriages we finally made it to 38 weeks! Not to mention our eldest daughter was born at 24 weeks! So, our whole entire existence is literally to love and nurture these humans and give them the best opportunities and life we can provide. What we had discovered, after putting them both in day care for 11 hours a day and then being so frustrated all the time because we were tired from work and just generally pissed off from the day, was that we were falling into this ‘conditioning’ of that perspective of ‘normal’, probably because it’s actually all we know and haven’t been shown any other types of realities. When in reality, we wanted to be home with our children and be a family, not just this hot mess and take photos and post them on Facebook and Instagram ‘pretending’ we were this happy, perfect family when realistically, we were so resentful of our life and so negative because we were living on the rest of the world’s terms! Ask yourself this, if being financially free would make you happy would you do whatever it took to do it? So, once you are financially free, is your life over because you are then happy? Or do you want more from life? We want to show you there is more to life than financial freedom – this is not the ultimate goal of existence however, when this worry of money is no longer destroying your life, what do you do then? We are everyday Queenslander’s who opened their minds and understood that we now live in a digital age. It’s 2018 and there are other ways to take action and live the life of your dreams, all you have to do is take a chance, when you step outside of your comfort zone, that’s when the magic happens. Cheers, Robbie & Krystal AKA “The Dream Big Hustlers"