KO Lifestyle & Fitness Personal Training Centre

Vision Our vision here at KO is to create the complete training experience. Too many gym memberships are totally inadequate, offering a really low level of service and virtually no help in getting you results. Personal Training products are the ‘go to’ for many people in addressing this lack of service. This is limited though as most people simply cannot afford to do enough sessions each week with a trainer to actually see results. With this in mind we created KO, bringing together all the great aspects of PT and combining it with a highly motivating TEAM environment of like minded people. It is this collaboration that will single handily change the way people join a fitness program and get the most out of their time in the studio. What we offer; Body composition assessments (to track your results) Goal setting and needs analysis Unlimited sessions per week Free seminars on a monthly basis Results or your money back, GUARANTEED! All this for a weekly investment of less than the price of just one PT session!