Kokomu 敲敲木工房

KOKOMU is the new generation of the company named “HaiShan Handcrafts”, founded in 1969 by three Shih brothers. In the early 1960’s, lumber industry exploded and there were more than 450 woodcraft factories in Puli, Taiwa. HaiShan Handcrafts being one of them, produced large quantities and varieties of Christmas decorations, such as Christmas pyramids, wooden incense puppets, and many export products. HaiShan Handcrafts was one of the very few companies that specialized in nutcrackers and wooden music boxes. In 2012, HaiShan changed the path, from a traditional handcraft shop into a tour factory, mainly focused on wooden music boxes where tourists have hands-on and DIY experiences. With our profound and professional woodcraft experience of the past, KOKOMU has turned the page of traditional OEM to a new chapter, creating and establishing our own brand, designing, developing, producing and marketing our own products. We’ve now created a space within our factory to display and introduce Puli’s woodcraft culture and history, to let people learn and understand the true art and the value of woodcrafters. With our new business model and goals, we are focusing on refining traditional, rough woodcrafts into exquisite gifts. We promote a “Do-It-Yourself” concept. Through Music Box DIY, you can raise the value of your gifts to your loved ones to priceless. 源起於1969年,早期因埔里伐木產業,造就了超過450家大大小小木工廠,「海山手工藝社」在施家三兄弟下因此誕生,生產大量聖誕飾品,如聖誕金字塔、薰香木偶等外銷產品,但特別的是,海山手工藝社是少數生產「胡桃鉗」和「音樂盒」的木工廠,於是於2012年以音樂盒的型態,轉型成可讓遊客體驗的木工房。 繼承過去木工的製造經驗,從傳統代工,轉型成自有品牌的設計、生產和行銷,並利用工廠的閒置空間,推廣過去埔里的木工文化,並發場過去工藝師的價值,而第二代經營方向之一,是將過去所認為的DIY產品,更為精緻化、客製化,進而轉換成為可贈送的節日禮物,送給在心中極為重要的她/他,一種自我完成而無法取代的心意,讓簡單的材料都能變成生活的美好。 希望你能享受敲敲木的產品,並在您重要節日時帶給你的回憶,這樣值得我們繼續努力下去。 ●營業項目 創意商品、3C周邊商品 文具禮品、木製家具 木製玩具、生活用品 精緻木盒、木製燈飾 公司團體禮品、贈品訂製 個人化禮品訂製 ●客製化代工 - 雷射雕刻、雷射切割