Knockaround Malaysia

TREND BOULEVARD TRADING® (002427076-M) was founded in April 2015 by Din and Nasa , during they small chit chat at office on what they will do in future beside sitting in front of laptop . Din who got a passion for running and active lifestyle suggest Knockaround sunglasses that he wore in every running event as it's affordable and great qualitiy . Year 2015 have brought lots of exciting developments and growth, and from bringing basic sunglasses line has expanded to include new models, a huge variety of color choices,ongoing Limited Edition sunglasses series and other accessories, such as hats and Knocchis . The good times keep rolling: our Facebook pages passes 1,300 likes and on November 2015 , our Trend Boulevard Store has been selected by Knockaround as solely stockist for Malaysia . So stay tuned, and as Nasa and Din say “Be careful what you wish for..because you might just get it all!”