Kitchen Gizmo

As the lead designer for a high profile San Francisco company since 1988, Mark Nickels has spent most of his life engineering, modeling, and modernizing home decor. As an avid fan of everything modern, his patented decor designs were well known for their sleek and contemporary style. Mark has always wondered why kitchen gadgets were built so clumsy and tasteless. Most people assume that it has something to do with the functionality of the gadget, but being a designer and knowing how mechanisms work, Mark knew that it was not true. The 80's brought the 90's, and the 90's turned into the New Millennium, bringing with it a new definition of modern, for cars, electronics, and homes. Mark was left baffled, watching the kitchen gadgets remain awkward and bulky. Since it was not his line of work, he swallowed his bewilderment and continued to design decor. In 2014, Mark Nickels decided the time has come to enhance the kitchen experience for all. If nobody was going to do it, he would start his own company. Starting with his brilliant patented salt-and-pepper shakers, Mark encompassed functionality, sense and style to create a true masterpiece. That's the day Kitchen Gizmo was born. As the demand for more products grew rapidly, Kitchen Gizmo has been a very active brand, creating contemporary, sensational gadgets that are famous for their design, without sacrificing practicality.