King Kong Apparel

In one of the world’s fastest growing and most challenging sports, there’s no such thing as an easy workout. Never knowing what to expect from the next workout puts incredible emphasis on being ready for anything. This ‘Ready for Anything’ attitude was the driving force for founding King Kong Apparel. The King Kong Bag ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and this rings particularly true for the flagship product of the King Kong range– the now classic King Kong Bag! Finding a gym bag with the right combination of pockets, shoe compartments and free space to fit all the required gear was impossible. You had to make compromises on what to bring, often finding that you didn’t have what you need. The King Kong Bag is built specifically for the unique needs of our sport - you’ll no longer need to compromise; you’ll come prepared for anything. Word of Mouth is Our Currency Massive advertising campaigns are not our thing. In our tight-knit community, we know big-budget advertising campaigns are useless if we can’t back up promises with quality. That’s why we focus our time, money and effort on developing the best quality gear. We rely on you to tell your friends how much you love them – and believe us when we say it’s working! Global appeal Ever since Mikko announced himself to the world in 2009, it's been a truly global sport. While we’ve taken this on board, with athletes from Denmark to Dubai, from Brunei to Bahrain, rocking our bags; nowhere have they been more popular that here in the good ol’ US of A!