Kham Piseth

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Co-Author of The Journey to Success, Piseth Kham is the founder of PM Leadership & CashFlow Club Cambodia. He is a graduate of the world’s longest entrepreneurial program "Money & You”. He is the former president of BNI CEO Chapter and Former Director Consultant of BNI Cambodia. Piseth is the creator of personal and life breakthrough program “You 2.0”. He helps top executives, managers, leaders and business owners to have more success, happiness, and make more money using his powerful and impactful coaching programs such as: Passion2CashFlow You 2.0 Business 2.0 Discover the power of working with Kham Piseth, Success and Business Strategist, to help you to enjoy more success and do business smarter, build and create more wealth. Bill Gates said “Everyone Needs a Coach” The Champions have coaches. The most successful entrepreneurs have coaches. Why not you ? Contact us today at: What people say about Piseth Kham: “Piseth Kham strives to improve as a leader…and is also striving to develop leaders.” David Dean, author of “Now is Your Time to Win” “Piseth knows that every moment in life is pregnant with possibility” Britt Baillie, PhD, Cambridge University If you want to be a better leader you should join training by PM Leadership. Ms Leng Chirattana – Director, Project Management/Development, Virtus Group More about PM Leadership : More about You 2.0 : More about Money & You : More about CashFlow Club Cambodia: More about Piseth Kham :