Kyle Kirschbaum

I have always wanted to find a career, a business and purpose that would allow me to accomplish 3 goals: 1. Be involved in a cause that truly changes people's lives. 2. Become financially independent so that I could serve without limits. 3. Help other people to do the same and leave a legacy of leadership through those I help starting with my family. Like many people after college and a few job experiences the real world quickly made me realize that those 3 goals would probably never be realized. I tried being an entrepreneur, doing the cubicle thing and climbing the corporate ladder only to realize that I could never accomplish all three goals. Have you ever felt like this? You know you are meant to do something big. You have a big vision for your life, but you just can't seem to find a way out of the rate race? I forgot about my goals for a time and then, like it always does... it happen. The vehicle, the answer I had been looking for came through the most unusually thing, my kids. (I now have 5 boys, but at the time we only had 2) Like all kids they started to get sick, you know.. ear infections, colds etc. We approached it like we always had relying on traditional solutions, except this time, no one had answers and for the first time we start asking questions: 1. Isn't there anything else that can be done? 2. Is there anything more affordable? 3. Is there something more effective? 4. Is there something safer? These questions led us in a direction we never imagined and a close friend offered us a small sample of some doTERRA essential oils. Even though we were skeptical, we decided to try it. We were desperate for some answer. Like I have now seen thousands of times by other people.. we for the first time felt empowered as parents to make decisions about our families health and we felt an immense desire to share it with others. Long story short, after a couple years, I came home from work (about 5 years ago), my wife and I support, lead and train (along with some of the most talented people in the world) an organization of doTERRA essential oil users that is over 100,000 people in 20 countries. We still actively teach, enroll, educate, train and seek out people who feel like we do and want to accomplish similar goals. If that's you or you just want to find out. Start watching us, get to know us and our community and just get some oils and start using them. When you are ready to turn your passion for natural health into a thriving business, let us know and we will guide you through the process of gaining the mindset, skills and strategy to discover your purpose, your success and your own legacy. Until then, come hang out with us each Tuesday here on our FB page or go to Let's go magnify the talents God has given us, Kyle & Kierston Kirschbaum