Kevin Taejin Kreider

I believe everyone can have the body they've always wanted by training smarter, not longer while enjoying life and not sacrificing the food they love guilt free. I was someone who used to live in the gym, training hours a day, carrying a gallon water jug and never missing one of the 6 meals a day. I was intolerable to be around. Even though I had success, I ended up resenting fitness and burnt out. There had to be a better way. After a 5 year absence from the industry, I found a more graceful approach that didn't include feeling deprived or anxious because I was going to miss a window for supplements and a meal. My clients learn to eat more and train less to get results while enjoying their fitness journey. Sounds too good to be true? I once thought the same thing. When I started to have a beginner's mind, even though I was arrogant, thinking all the knowledge with a degree in exercise science was given to me, a whole new approach to having an awesome body while enjoying the process was an invaluable lesson. Now I want to give that to you. Exercise Science Degree IFPA PRO in Men's Physique Wilhelmina, NYC Alumni of the Maggie Flanigan Studio