Megan Ellam - Low Carb Australia

My name is Megan Ellam and I am the recipe developer and author behind Low Carb Mixers and Mad Creations. Having had a background in commercial cookery, running award winning kitchens in restaurants, hotels and cafes in Newcastle from the early 90s - early 2000s, I am no stranger to cooking and creating in the kitchen. I started Low Carb Mixers to help myself, after I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. What happened after starting the group and my path, was an explosion of others just like me who also wanted recipes and support in their lives to have access to recipes that will help them stay on track. I began putting on weight in my early thirties, by the time I was 45 years old, I tipped the scales at 110kg. This was not something I was proud of and tried everything to lose the weight from diet to exercise. It was the actual pain and damage I caused myself through exercise that led to my insulin diagnosis and change in diet to help manage my health. After not being able to lose any weight I lost nearly 4kg in the first week and have not looked back since. At 27kg lost now and in a size 14 from about a 20-22 (I stretched stuff) I have definitely improved my health and happiness. In September last year I launch 2 books simultaneously and then launched another 4 ebooks and 1 other hard copy book before December of 2017. My books all focus around the recipes I created to help me lose weight and enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle. Now in March 2018 I have just launched the new super Keto hub site which is home to some of the most innovative keto recipes online as well as the members club - The Keto Club Join on an annual subscription to access all digital eBooks and have immediate access to all recipes to be featured in future eBooks as they are uploaded. Plus downloads for every exclusively digital eBook before and during your 12 month membership. PLUS loads of additional features and bonuses. I am nothing more than a woman who had a lot health issues but has found through some recipe ingenuity that I can create some amazing recipes bursting with flavour that everyone will crave over any of the carb fuelled foods we can no longer consume on any regular basis. I hope you enjoy my recipes, meal plans and support, and please share with anyone you feel would love them too. You can join us on our other groups