Kate Mosella 量脚定制婚鞋

Should i choose handmade or custom made? Handmade: We are providing a wide range of sizes which from 32 - 43 and Heel Height : Flat-12 cm (Flat-4.5 Inches). If you are looking for shoes fits you perfectly, you are suggest to try on our custom made shoes.To know whether you foot size is common, kindly refer to the chart below. Size: US=Euro 2 = 33 3 = 34 4 = 35 5 = 36 6 = 37 7 = 38 8 = 39 9 = 40 10=41 11=42 12=43 13=44 Custom Made: Kate Mosella allows you to design your own custom women's shoes, you'll never wish your shoes had a lower or higher heel, came in another colour. You'll never see the same pair on anyone else. You may select your desire material, colour, size & heel height and we’ll make them for you. We are providing which from "Euro size" 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 women's shoes. We want you to be happy with your purchase from Kate Mosella which is why we stand by our 30 day returns guarantee as long as not worn. Thank you for choosing Kate Mossella. Please note the following before placing your purchase details: -Our designs are customized to suit your preferences, the creation of a pair of Kate Mosella shoes undergoes a detailed and cautious process, any changes shall not be accepted after the payment, hence we request you to be specific and careful in your order. -As each pair of Kate Mosella shoes are designed to suit your preferences, sub sales or refund are not possible. -Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement and/ or computer settings. Modification of part is required to ensure proper fitment. -Any refund or exchange with the reasons of “not similar to the drawing”, “I do not think it is beautiful”, “it is not wonderful when I wear it” and others shall not be accepted. -Considering the limitation of the material in the market, the material may be not completely similar to the drawing. If you have any question on the material, you can require the customer service. -Should you have queries on our designs, be it the material or size, we welcome them. Please contact us so we could advise you accordingly. OR email to: admin@katemosella.com ** Your shoes will be ready within 30 working days 您知道吗?接近90%的人都有双脚尺寸不一致的问题,KATE MOSELLA 愿意为MM解决这个问题。 1. 我们提供专业订制女高跟鞋服务,让你穿上合脚和精致的美鞋。此外,也可以另外提供照片及布料供我们为您制作专属高跟鞋,相似度达90%。 2. 鞋子的内里和铁心均由意大利进口,加上鞋匠精细的手工,展现独一无二的专属美鞋。 目前我们提供“手工制作”和“专属订做”两种制鞋服务,为您精心制作时尚及独特的高跟鞋,其特点如下: 手工制作(Handmade) 我们提供介于34 - 40号的欧洲尺码,间中也包括半号的尺码。您还可以任意选择 平底 至 12 cm (平底-4.5 寸)之间的“鞋跟”高度。 关于欧洲(Euro)和美国(US)尺码的对照表,请参考: US=Euro 2 = 33 3 = 34 4 = 35 5 = 36 6 = 37 7 = 38 8 = 39 9 = 40 10=41 11=42 12=43 13=44 专属订做(Custom Made) Kate Mosella 大师级鞋匠为您精心制作,你可以选择喜欢的设计、高度、材质和颜色等细节,展现你独一无二的风格。配合上本身脚丫的尺寸,量身定做出属于您的专属高跟鞋。我们可以为您订制欧洲尺码由33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 的各类女鞋尺码。 若不满意尺寸,30天内还提供一次的免费退换货服务,我们将重新制作一双给您。 付款方式 及 邮寄信息 请查看我们的网站。 谢谢哦! ** 高跟鞋将会在14 ~ 21天内制作好及寄出。