In 2010 a few MBA students at Syracuse University were fishing in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. One thing the college buddies all agreed on – fishing is, and should be, fun. After graduation, their talk turned starting a business. The young entrepreneurs decided it would be cool to make a splash in the fishing tackle world. A question was raised. What if more people could enjoy fishing by not having to spend a lot of money on fishing gear? That would help keep it fun. They believed their knowledge in cost saving supply chain tactics, technology, and eCommerce could bring a breath of fresh air to the fishing tackle industry. They knew the internet and e-commerce the way you know your way around the inside of your tackle box. With connections in fishing tackle manufacturing, being well-schooled in efficient supply chain dynamics and international trade, the work began. Their focus became creating a company that could manufacture top quality products and sell them at prices that the average Fishing Joe or Jane could easily afford. It was not about being hooked on fancy offices, company perks…or running a chain of box stores. It was all about keeping fishing fun. All of the puzzle pieces came together to create KastKing®. Along with keeping it fun and the prices down, it was decided from day one that innovation, technology, and quality would be cornerstones for the products they would sell. And…anglers would have a say in what they thought was best for the fishing community. It resulted in fishing tackle with superior performance at affordable prices. It was designed by anglers for anglers. A price point that met the needs of any fishing budget was an added benefit, yet they were quality products that met the expectations of the fussiest fisherman. KastKing ® went on to manufacture fishing reels, fishing rods, and fishing line. KastKing products have successfully passed the test with anglers from budget-minded beginners to seasoned veterans. To date, KastKing fishing tackle products have been sold in more than 60 countries. Eposeidon, Inc., is the parent company of KastKing ® products. KastKing ® stuck to its vision…. keeping fishing fun by making it affordable.