Enagic Kangen Water

My name is Bernard Huela, my Kangen Water Global team is the fastest growing team in Metro Manila. So far I am the first distributor in Metro Manila utilizing and leveraging the powerful use of Internet Marketing system through EWS. I believe that you deserve to be compensated for taking care of your health and my mission is to help you achieve your physical, mental and financial health goals. I was an engineer by trade but decided to switch to entrepreneurship after internalizing the books I read about the mechanics of money (Rich Dad Poor Dad & Retire Young Retire Rich). I’m passionate about rejection-free, non-embarrassing, professional ways of doing business. I enjoyed working and earning while at the comfort of our home [no traffic] with my family especially with my wife and four kids, because they are my “True Wealth” in life. Enagic® is a long-standing, privately held Japanese company. Founded in 1974, the company has focused on quality products and international expansion. Today Enagic has 38 offices in 22 countries. Call me today to find out more about what my team and i are doing and what’s in it for you, your health, your wealth and your future, & get ready to: CHANGE YOUR WATER because it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Read more at: http://www.kangenwater-metromanila.com/?c=compensation