Passionate about the fact that innovation breeds sustainability, puts to rest fears related to unknown diseases and even cures better than before, makes you stronger than before, we at Kalpah are in a highlight demanding and technology driven industry. We aim to deliver better, more refined and perfected medical based imaging technologies and software’s which benefit society at large and are designed to help healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses to provide efficient and practical cures, trace a disease or an ailment in time and work towards making you better. To us a problem statement is means to understanding to core of the issue and solving the problem using innovative and creative thinking. Combing our resources, the professionals we have working with us are experts in their fields. We harness their prowess and create a synergistic effect to deliver and architect solutions. The processes we build and work upon are geared towards simplifying the detection of an ailment in advance and therefore detect it beforehand or well within time. Our philosophy which is vested in our belief has seen us work miracles and bring to you products such as the RIA – G.