Kalev Fitness Solution

One of Vancouver’s top personal trainers, Kalev Jaaguste has developed a revolutionary approach to personal training. Want to look great at the beach? Want to train for a specific sport? Want to lower your cholesterol, or keep you blood-pressure under control? 3Dimensional training will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals faster. Realizing that being fit is as much about lifestyle as it is about a regular weight training or cardio regime, Kalev introduces 3Dimensional Personal Training to Kalev Fitness Solution. 3Dimensional Personal Training is a method that sees not one, but a team of specialized trainers working to round out your personal training experience. Working one-on-one, or with a partner, your training team is a group of network pros. A cardio specialist, a weight-training specialist, a nutrition expert, boot camp specialists and fitness class specialists – all are there to help you launch your Version 2.0. And it’s all for about the same price as having a single personal trainer.