Junkcollectorjunky Wood signs & More

I have been in the craft, antique, vintage/retail wholesale business for over 35 years. Even though I leave for a while, I always come back. And I've always been on the look out for unique treasures. There is no cure for this addiction except to search, find and buy. Then create something out of what I see. We find, fix , create trash into treasures. Our furniture is found, repaired cleaned, sanded, hand painted and finished. We spend blood, sweat and at times tears on our pieces. If you like our item enough to have an interest in purchasing, please do not ask for a discount. We spend hours designing, cleaning, sanding painting, hand distressing, sealing our artful items. Our prices are firm and are not negotiable. Our prices are more than reasonable for the time, and talent we have invested. We will not grant a discount. I don't want this to sound harsh, but, it is kind of a back handed slap when someone inquires if we will take less for an item we spent hours creating. To me that would be like going to work then come payday your boss asking if you'll take less for the work you did. There are lots of things that are involved in pricing, not just the cost of the item, supplies or time. There's also the other side most consumers don't think about. Just wanted to say that. We sell our furniture locally in the Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa area. Sorry we do not ship furniture. We can pack and ship home decor, antiques and collectibles. Buyers pay all shipping and handling fees. For some delicate items, there will be a bubble wrap packing fee. We do accept Cash and paypal. Make sure to check back often for new upcycled itmes and watch for my blog coming soon! Also, look for us on the webstore and Ebay. When liking our junkcollectorjunky page, make sure to have all notifications and all updates checked hovering over the liked icon. Thank you for visiting and come back again.