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Welcome to Juliet Turns the Page! My name is Abeer (oh, and my Yorkie's name is Juliet. I love her!) and I have dedicated a lot of my life to literature. I have a PhD in literature and I am an Assistant Professor at an English Department. You will usually find me talking about a book, writing about a book, curling up with a book, or browsing the shelves of a bookstore. I find it almost impossible to pass by a bookstore without stepping in to explore. I know the minute I enter a world of books, I will be happy. I hope Juliet Turns The Page will be your happy book place too! I will share my thoughts on books and literary inspirations. Thank you for stopping by! Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and I am not an expert in solving problems. Please seek medical advice and professional help if you need it. This page does not offer expert opinion or professional or medical advice. This is a page that shares quotes from authors and some of my opinions. My opinions are simply my opinions and are not in any way professional or medical advice. --Disclosures and Copyright Information below: Please note that 'Juliet Turns the Page' only posts images that the page owner has a license to use (paid subscription). 'Juliet Turns the Page' shares posts from other pages that have similar interests. These shared posts do not belong to Juliet Turns the Page and are being shared through the Facebook sharing feature. ALL QUOTES USED ON 'JULIET TURNS THE PAGE' ARE FROM THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. JULIET TURNS THE PAGE WILL NOT POST OR SHARE ANY QUOTES THAT ARE NOT PART OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. * Some of the posts on 'Juliet Turns the Page' (including quotes and 'How To' posts) are written by the owner of the page, Abeer Fahim. If you choose to share this, please make sure you give credit to the author. Font copyright: fonts used on this page are either downloaded as 'free for commercial use' or purchased by the designers. *'Juliet Turns the Page' title is 'Precious' font by BoltCutterDesign-Industrial Strength downloaded from 101 fonts as 'free for personal and commercial use'. The font is also used in the title at the bottom of the image posts. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at patra4@hotmail.com Website: www.julietturnsthepage.com