Princess Gumabon

I started dreaming to travel the world at the age of 19. Back then, I had a vivid picture of myself on a plane going to different destination worldwide. The reality of my life during that time, I couldn't barely buy 2 meals a day earning $8/day as an on call tourist guide on the bus, day dream what life would be if I'll continue what I do... and what life would be if I consider a ''CHANGE'' I knew it was impossible to get my dream come true with working in my country for a minimum wage. In this page, I will unfold to you how I conquered my fear and how I started my ''JOURNEY'' into achieving life I am living in full colors that I'm experiencing now. I post here my adventure and experiences in different parts of the world, story telling my journey, places to go, and where to eat. Guiding people to share the best possible experience after my experience. I also post ''motivational videos'' fresh from my own YOUTUBE CHANEL called ''JOURNEY'', my aim to inspire people on pursuing their dreams in life and help them conquer their fear. I'd share to you step by step everything I experienced from the very first step I decided to change my life, conquer my fear and start my adventure and the life I deserve. It is my way of giving back all the blessings and opportunities I have as a young entrepreneur to help people know possible ways that ''dreams'' are achievable, but first you must believe just it's possible. I post motivational videos to inspire people every Monday of the week called ''Motivational Monday'' to reach to tens of thousands of young travelers and entrepreneurs to travel the world and live their lives to the fullest. I dedicate my life, to a long run researches and into creating videos, social media marketing, contents and ads, while building my network, traveling the world and reading personality development books while on holiday. I have grown my social contacts worldwide and I am giving back all the glory and honor to God for using me as an instrument to touch more lives of people out there, and believe in themselves. that ''They are God's highest form of creation, and you can be what you wanted to be, where you wanted to be'' But first... You must BELIEVE!!! Join me in my journey, NOW!!! Yours in adventure and success, Princess Gumabon