Jo's Market - Authentic Fish Market

Jo's Market is a Japanese market-like restaurant where we did not just flew-in our fishes from Japan, we also want to make you feel like you're dining in Japan. Our seafood are freshly air-flown from Japan, they are wild-caught and have never been put through the freezing process which means that it has to be consumed within 2-3 days. Our seafood are placed on the ice counter and you can come see for yourself, choose the seafood you like and prepared in your preferred choice or get our chef to recommend the best way to have it savored. We also serve different types of Japanese desserts such as Matcha-flavored desserts and ice creams. Try out our signature beverage such as the Japanese Black Coffee and Matcha Latte. We also serve a delectable range of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine and sake. From mild to strong, red to white, we've got it all to complement your dining experience. We can't be named a "market" if we weren't "got it all". Visit our mini grocery counter and pick up a few Japan-imported snacks before you leave. We can't wait to see you!