John MM Plaza

Born in the Philippines, John Plaza came from a not known and middle class family. Both his father and mother worked from the government during the early stages of his life and to say the way of their living was good. But when recession came both of his parents quit from their jobs and went jobless for a couple of years. During this time of his life, John wasn't able to taste what is it to live on a lifestyle that money hasn't never been an issue. He wanted to do a lot of things, traveling, buying his own things. But because of the lack of money he wasn't able to do it. This made him realize that in life you have to take action and do your best for you to achieve what you really want. So John took action went for a 9 to 5 job during weekdays and went for freelancing and DJing during weekends. He earned good money from all of these yet because of his strong foundation from his past this didn't stop him from addition more sources of income. In fact, he then went to put up his own business which aims to help different people of different ages earn additional income online without quitting on their current jobs, spending more time with their love ones and still living the lifestyle that they want. Today John is still working as a DJ part time while still running this business and helping more people reach the goals that they want in their lives.