Jobs for nurses in call center

I am a Registered Nurse (and USRN), like most of the nurses in Philippines, I had difficulty looking for jobs in hospitals. I applied in most of the hospitals in Manila and found one, I trained for 3 months without pay. I realized that I don't like it and hate it for a reason that pay is not enough (most of the hospitals will even ask you to pay them for training-> unacceptable!), workload is crazy, and there's too much violation of human rights. I'm in call center now, I'm happy(very) because I'm compensated for my hard work and able to bring food to the table. I'm here to provide you information like opening that we have on the company where I'm at right now which is EXL in MOA. Accounts in EXL is for "non healthcare" account as well I'm here to answer your question.