The Junior Gymnastics Story. There was once a young girl from Monaghan called Robyn and she loved gymnastics. Oh my stars , you have no idea how much she loved gymnastics. I mean some people like it a lot , but we’re talking training 4 nights a week , weekend competitions all over the country, strength and conditioning in front of the TV, hanging upside down from bannisters….like , the girl LOVES gymnastics. Her love for gymnastics was nurtured and encouraged by her Mum, Eileen, and to a much ,much lesser extent by her Dad, Paul. In fact Paul called it ‘Bending With Style’….Paul thinks he’s funny. What Paul didn’t find funny was walking into the kitchen to find Robyn wobbling precariously on the ironing board which she had placed between two dining chairs. “What in the name of Ozymandius are you doing ???” “Practicing my beam !” Robyn replied enthusiastically. And in that moment Junior Gymnastics balance beams were born ! Now Robyn can practice at home ….safely. Her younger cousins Hannah and Catriona have now joined in her quest for gymnastic mastery. They all LOVE gymnastics! Paul still calls it Bending With Style. Paul still thinks he’s funny. He’s not.