JLE Industries

Click to edit position descriptionJLE Industries is a 100% asset-based Transportation & Logistics management company specializing in long-haul flatbed routes across the Northeast, Southeast and Central United States. Through progressive technology investments and deeply ingrained service culture, we offer our clients unprecedented convenience, reliability, and cost efficiency. We built our business from the ground up, and through hard work and superior service, today we boast more than 130 power units, incredible staff members, and established customers engaged in construction materials, oil and gas products, and steel. At JLE Industries, we are Proudly Driven. We believe that managing and minimizing our clients’ supply chain risks requires an unyielding commitment to service quality and safety standards. In order to uphold this commitment, we seek to invest in the right people, maintain the highest safety standards in the oil and gas industry, and offer an arsenal of strategic field services that is supported by the newest, most versatile fleet of owned transport and trailering equipment. These factors fundamentally differentiate JLE Industries from its competition, and enable us to more effectively evangelize our distinctive service culture throughout our organization. The end result is superior service. Our Mission is to grow the JLE family of companies by employing only those individuals who take tremendous pride in their trades, hold themselves and others accountable to superior performance and safety standards, and respect the responsibility bestowed upon them.