Jayson Gumanid

When I was in college, a former teacher introduced me to a health and wellness company. It was a direct selling company. They offer a line of food supplements and wellness products. I immediately grabbed the opportunity of becoming a part of their company. I am short of funding my studies and I was looking for a part-time job that time. Cutting it short, I met a lot of people that are into health and wellness. Top performing sales associate even went on and build their own career as health coaches. And that is where I started immersing myself with the industry and the people. Thus, it is safe to say that I was able to fund my college education through this industry. Selling health and wellness products was my vehicle. Learning and associating myself with health and fitness coaches was my road. I always believe that prevention is always better than cure. And most health and wellness coaches you would ask, it is their mantra. That is why I paid a lot of respect for what health coaches do and their impact on our lives. But every time I google for a health coach for a specific advice, all I can see are websites that don't serve them well. Even less, most of the health coaches I know don’t even have a website to begin with. You see, I am a web designer and I specialize in building pleasing websites that convert. I know for a fact that most health coaches don't even leverage the power of a well-designed website. And there are still who doesn't have a website yet, to begin with. I can only imagine the huge opportunities these health and wellness coaches are throwing out the window. Imagine if a well-designed health coach website could persuade 1 person to subscribe to their newsletter. In a year it would be 365 people on the list. Those 365 people might not be buying anything yet, but they already have the leaning towards grabbing an offer. Imagine selling a book or any product that only cost 2 figures to their audience of 365 people. It could translate a return of 4 to 5 digit income in a single campaign. Imagine how much income opportunity there is for health and wellness coaches? That is by sending out offers alone, excluding the paying clients for customized health plan. Health coaches right now might have a website, but does it convert well? Do their websites serve their purpose well? Do they generate leads that convert to paying clients? The focus of any website should be on acquiring as many leads as possible so it’s not a wasted asset. I mean, if it costs them $3000 or $10,000 getting one designed and built, then they should at least be getting half or even all of it back within a year. Don’t you agree? As I have mentioned earlier, I happened to be a web designer by profession. I help businesses generate more leads. I help them grow their businesses by building a conversion-focused website. I also help them improve their conversion if a website is already existent. I do not mean to brag anything. I am trying to apply what I learned from years of experience. Now, I want to dedicate my talent in giving back to the very industry that helped me start in the first place. I want to help health wellness and fitness coaches establish a solid presence online. A website, especially for a health wellness and fitness coach should be an earning asset. I can not stress it enough, but it should generate business, not a brochure that visitors gloss over. If you are currently having a problem establishing your authority or acquiring more leads, feel free to schedule a short 15-minute discovery call so we can diagnose what you need and prescribe the best marketing solution for your business: https://calendly.com/jaygumanid/