Jessica Caver Lindholm is a Freedom Revolution started by Jessica Caver Lindholm to help as many women as possible create true freedom for themselves with unlimited time (to spend as they like), unlimited wealth to support their dreams and a clear joyous mind to enjoy it all with. She helps women create this freedom by turning their story and expertise into a profitable online business they can run from anywhere in the world using her unique blend of proven online business strategy and powerful mindset coaching that she's been mastering for over four years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My ideal client is someone who’s obsessed by the idea of freedom, has already started her own online business (either on the side or full time), knows 1000% this is the work she’s meant to do and is so over “online experts” confusing her with the latest fads and busy work that keep her spinning without seeing results (or making any progress financially). She’s actively looking for someone like her who’s down to earth that she can relate to (and who doesn’t talk down to her), is committed to simplicity and streamlining (when it comes to her marketing, messaging, offerings, all of the above), has been in the industry long enough to have the results and testimonials that show she knows what she’s talking about and can give her both smart online strategy and powerful mindset support to help her consistently earn a minimum of 10K+ a month in actual ‘in the bank’ income.