Jeorge Dela Cruz

I'm Jeorge Dela Cruz and I'm running my own Digital Media & Tech firm based in the Philippines.Join me at my journey helping my fellow Entrepreneurs to achieve their goal using my proven internet strategies. . . What's my stats? 1.242 social media pages and counting. 2.Multi million reach numbers of promotional ads. 3.Owns nationwide business brands. 4.Gathered 50,000 leads and counting to my clients. . . What's my story? 1.First, I'm a dropout college boy. Then I used to work as waiter, barista, salesman, bartender before I've become an Entrepreneur. 2.Started Entrepreneurship when I was 19 sold my first contract package of my mobile bar service. Ventured different food brands when I was 22. 3.After that, I went broke then Digital Media Marketing was introduced to me. Get curious applied to my new ventures then It work and decide to have my own firm to help more entrepreneurs today. 4.Presenty, I love to expand my operations in Asia. Hopefully, by the next year 2018. . . . . What's my interest? 1. I love seeing underdog brands grow. 2. I love venturing mobile apps that can make life easy and create impact to somebody. 3.I love creating contents relating to my clients and businesses. 4.I love helping other Entrepreneurs achieve their goals in life. 5.I love winning the influence on every industry piece in the country. . . . Why you need to work with me? 1.It's because I'm not special. Like everyone was saying about their profiles.I'm a simple guy that will find a way to make it work. 2.I'm also Entrepreneur just like you.I know how it feels and how it works. 3.When I say, I can scale your business. Trust me, I can really scale it. Just give me the exact resources I need. 4. I preferred results = sales than results= swag. . . . _______________________________________ Follow me on IG/Twitter/Snap: @jeorgedelacruz #digitalmarketing #internetmarketingstrategist #jeorgedelacruz #jdcmeidagroup #business