Jack Lotter - Muscle Model, Professional Trainer & Online Coach

This page is intended to be a plethora of training advice for those that are interested with out the box training methodology. Insane training videos and stills, training routines and workouts and step by step in depth information to get the greatest return on investment in your training. Increase lean mass, increase power, get stronger, nuke fat and get shredded immediately. Concerning my personal professional training packages, please see below. All clients are offered 3 free trial training sessions with no obligation in order to assess whether they would like to proceed, as well as a 2 week free gym membership. Packages Include: - One-on-one, 1 hour training sessions tailored to individual goals at a fully-equipped private gym in Sandton. - Comprehensive meal and supplement plan tailored to goals. - Daily food journal analysis and feedback. - Discounted Supplements. Training Information: Training is completely individualised depending on the client’s goals, and is results oriented with strict timeframes and accountability. Possible goals include: - Competitive bodybuilding. - Increasing lean muscle mass. - Reducing bodyfat percentage and toning. - Increasing fitness. - Sport-specific training. - Correction of muscular imbalances. - Injury rehabilitation. - Strength training. - A combination of these. At initial consultation, the focus will be on establishing the client’s goals and a strict timeframe in which to achieve these goals. Clients start off with a compulsory biokinetic assessment to establish a physical benchmark for the measurement of progress. These assessments are repeated incrementally and measure individual characteristics such as VO2 Max, lung capacity, lean muscle mass, bodyfat percentage and muscular/postural imbalances. The repeated assessments allow the client to see tangible results, evaluate return on investment and revise goals as desired.