Izzy & Liv

Izzy & Liv is a family-owned company created by a mother of four from New Jersey. Our mission is to deliver trendy apparel that celebrates the beauty, confidence, spirituality, history, loves, culture and diversity of women of color and anyone who can relate. We like our designs to speak for themselves and allow the words, colors and artwork to tell stories you can wear and that allow you to just be you. BE SASSY Our line of fun and sometimes smart-ass apparel for the days you want to express the feisty and fun side of being you - playful and pretty! BE CONFIDENT Our line of bold, self-affirming, head-held-high apparel for the days you need to remind them (and yourself) of your true beauty, radiance, strength and power - go on ahead and shut it down in style! BE INSPIRING Our line of inspirational and spiritual wear for the days you need a little wind at your back to help propel you through - and you never know who your might touch and inspire along your day's journey. Encouragement is power. Pass it on. BE FANATIC Our line of pop-culture, star-gazing apparel celebrating the talented men and women in entertainment that we love to watch, read or listen to (and in some cases lust over) - go on ahead and get your fan on, girl. BE NOSTAGIC Our fun line of old school, vintage-inspired apparel reminding us of the things we loved way back when. ♫ Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again...♬ We put a lot of thought and pride into our designs and every creation is something that we love and we wear. We offer a wide variety of tshirt styles and silhouettes and are constantly adding new products and collections so check back often! WWW.IZZYANDLIV.COM