The Ashland Outlet

The Ashland Outlet provides everyone a place to purchase name brand items well below retail cost. Every item will be discounted from 30% to 805 off of full retail cost at time of pricing, which varies to do the major retailers always changing prices. The items we carry at The Ashland Outlet vary greatly and change daily. We could have high-end furniture pieces, grills, and pools one day. Then the next day we could have table saws, drills and kayaks. Most of our items are either checked for quality. Some will not be able to be checked and this is due to the fact that some items are very hard to ensure the top quality we are dedicated to selling. Items like shower heads will be pretty hard to verify. We do have a return policy that is applied at our discretion. We have items that are sold as is, with 48hrs or even longer. There's too many variables for us to have a blanket return policy regarding the vast array of items we carry. We will dedicate ourselves to being as fair as we can to ensure you're receiving great customer service. It is our goal save you money! Doing so will allow us to become a "First Stop" destination for all of those that are looking to purchase something from one of the major retailers in our area.