Plantcil - Plantable Stationery

We've felt the massive effects of deforestation over the years that has led to various natural calamities. Trees are being uprooted and chopped off for tonnes and tonnes of wood - wildlife and the ecosystem has been severely affected. Haven't we always felt a need to change the way we lead our lives - in order to ensure a better future for the next generation? One of the major causes of deforestation, even though we may not realize it as much, are pencils. Do you know that to make 2500 pencils, a 20 foot pine tree needs to be cut down? There are 10 billion pencils being made around the world every year, and 1 billion in India alone. Can you imagine the number of trees being chopped down so we can hold a wooden pencil in our hand? Not to forget the landfills after we use it. Wood takes over 13 years to decompose . . . What can be done? As a first step, we can adopt a better alternative to traditional wood pencils - Plantcil. Plantcil is a pencil made from upcycled paper that oozes royalty, pure all-black matte finish with ethnic Indian designs. You won't be able to find the difference until you sharpen the pencil - and beautiful strands of newspaper forms swirls that captivate kids and adults alike. This exquisite offering is a step forward to arrest deforestation that is plaguing our world at this moment. At an exclusive, highly-affordable price of just Rs.5 per pencil! Let us make the world a better place, and enable the future generation to be the torchbearers of change. Join our ecofriendly movement by buying Plantcil for your staff, colleagues, friends and kids at school, and as gifting options for everyone you hold dear!