I.C. Training

Iron Crush Strength and Conditioning is the premier training facility of the Lehigh Valley. We specialize in improving the lives and performance of our clients by building a high level of strength and conditioning. We firmly believe that increasing strength is the key to improving athletic performance, longevity, and quality of life. We achieve exceptional results for our clients through maximizing three important factors; solid programming, atmosphere, and competition. We use our experience with proven programming to constantly adapt in order to ensure our clients continue to progess and succeed where they have previously stalled and failed. We maintain a strong focus on our training facility atmosphere. Our facility is an aggressive, results driven, and focused center for the physical culture where expectations are high and goals are achieved. We embrace competition in our facility; competition drives our clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. To further this competition, we train all of our clients in groups. These training groups not only provide competition, they also provide our clients with a positive team atmosphere, raising each other up. Despite our aggressive, competitive atmosphere, we are a friendly and welcoming facility. We have various modified programs for various populations ranging from young teen athletes to life athletes approaching retirement age. We are a serious training center for serious clients who want serious results.