Invicta Venture

Do More, Explore - The phrase that encapsulates the true essence of Invicta Venture. Who we are - Developed by three brothers and a mate in Brisbane, Australia. All bonding over their passion for the outdoors whether it be hiking, camping, travelling or simply a skate or surf. Details about each Co-Founder and their interests are on the Ambassador page to get to know them on a more personal level. What we do - The team at Invicta Venture are passionate about bringing you gear for your outdoor adventures. But we want to make sure that functionality doesn't come at the cost of design and style. We want you to look good setting up that tent, or making tracks on that trail. Along with bringing you this stylish and functional outdoor wear, we aim to motivate and convince the masses to trade in the concrete for mud and sidewalks for trails. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman, just a weekend warrior or still stuck in the hustle and bustle, we want Invicta Venture products to support you in all of your adventures outside and Do More, when you Explore. Why we do it - What initially started out as a blog detailing our weekend escapades, has now developed into the adventure brand you see today. We have expanded our brand to reach more people, but our number one goal still remains the same; to inspire ourselves and those we reach out to, to Do More and go Explore. Through our products, photos or videos, we want to encourage you to make the most of everything the outdoors has to offer.